Once in Paris Zoom Workshop

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5 Hours


Alexandra Sydorenko

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About the course

It may be a real city but to many Paris is also something out of a fairytale, where any kind of miracle can happen. Each cab in this project will be unique and the elegant baroque-style embroidery, featuring Swarovski pearls and crystals, will complement each cab. In this class, students will learn different bead embroidery stitches, how to sew 2-hole Swarovski onto the base, how to bezel around a cab in the square stitch technique, how to make a bail in herringbone, and finishing and embellishing the edges of a pendant. Basic knowledge of herringbone and bead embroider required. Please note that the cabs in the picture are for sample only; I'll make new, unique cabs for each class, and each kit will be designed individually.

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