Beadweaving Classes

Art Deco Purse

Turn heads with this elegant purse, reminiscent of the 1920's. Take your beading to the next level with this comprehensive class. This class will cover a range of techniques from Chevron stitch, Netting stitch, Right Angle Weave, Peyote stitch and fringe. This class does have homework (you will need to make part of the purse at home before the class) so please allow yourself plenty of time to complete this prior to the class date.

Autumn Leaves & Pods Lariat

Basic Even Count Peyote

Peyote stitch has been around for centuries and never goes out of style. It's used by American Indians in their head-dresses and clothing embellishments. Peyote is a great basic stitch to start with if you're new to bead weaving. It's very versatile and can be manipulated to make shapes used in bead sculpting. We will create this cuff using size 6/0 or 8/0 seed beads or 3mm cubes, 11/0 seed beads and a clasp of your choice. As you become more familiar with the stitch you may want to try using 11/0 delicas for your base.

Basic Herringbone Cuff

This class will teach you the basic Herringbone stitch that is so much fun to work with! It is absolutely elegant in appearance, and is used in many jewelry designs. It also accommodates embellishments well. In this class you'll make a simple herringbone cuff. You may not be able to complete your project here, however, we will provide you with simple instruction that will allow you to finish at home.

Basic Netting

Learn the fun and extremely versatile netting stitch. Depending on your beads, you can go from beachy to chic in the blink of an eye. After you master the technique, your design possibilities are endless. We'll always start out with a larger bead so that you will master the technique AND finish your project.

Basic Spiral Bracelet

The spiral stitch is the best kept secret for your "go to stitch". This bracelet (or a necklace if you wish) can be made with literally any type of bead or stone. It is a very simple pattern, however, the outcome will vary depending on what type/style of bead you use. You can "bling" it up, or make it funky. It all depends what mood you are in.

Be Still my Heart Pendant

How do you cover a solid object with beads? Learn how to bead around a heart using increases and decreases and different sized beads. Make this heart your own by adding embellishments and special crystals and charms.
Heart will be provided.

Bead Crochet Bracelet

Learn to create a beautiful bead crochet rope using a time proven technique. If you've struggled with bead crochet in the past, this class is for you. You will learn a simplified method for starting the rope.

Bead Embroidered Pendant

Learn how to sew your beads next to a cabachon to embellish and give it a beautiful finished look. You will be making only the pendant.

Beaded Bangle

This class is an intro to one of the oldest stitches know as peyote stitch. This bracelet is woven in even count peyote stitch using delica beads and 4mm fire polish beads. Learn the basics of this popular beading stitch while making this lovely bracelet.

Beaded Tassel

Use peyote stitch and netting to create these stunning tassels. Use them as necklaces or as decorative elements in your home. Several fringing techniques will be taught.

Brick Stitch Chevron Earrings

If you know how to Brick Stitch, you're ahead of the game with these earrings. You will learn how to increase a row and decrease a row making that distinct chevron design. This earring design is designed for 5 Delica colors but you can use as few as two colors if desired. (Delica beads only). Remember these are small beads so bring your reading glasses and patience! You will only finish one earring in the class time allotted.

Captivating Cupchain Cuff

In this class you'll combine the allure of right angle weave with the beauty of rhinestone cup chain to make an absolutely stunning cuff.

Cellini Bracelet

The cellini stitch is so much fun to make. The curl that develops is achieved by using circular peyote and different size beads. The beads are placed in such a way to create a spiral. The spiral looks best when several sizes and colors of beads are used. We will not make a full bracelet in this class.

Channel Bracelet

Use right angle weave to stitch this versatile bracelet. This intermediate/advanced class will teach you dimensional right angle weave. Different finishing options will be covered.

Chenille Stitch with a Twist

You will be learning 3 stitches in this gorgeous rope; Ladder, Herringbone, and Chenille! This can be a beginning chenille stitch or with a twist you can make it a bit more complicated. Either way you end up with an amazing rope to wear! Using only seed beads to make this, the beauty in is definitely in your beads you chose.

Circle of Life Earrings

Circle of Life Earrings can be as earthy or glamorous as you like. Use Picasso seed beads for a Bohemian look, or use silver lined for a sparkly look. We will be using brick stitch on Tierra Cast hammered loops. This is a fun project and it's a great way to use lots of extra seed beads you have around the house!

Cleopatra Bracelet

This Bracelet is easier than it looks! It has a repeating pattern that is easy to follow, and when it's finished it is sleek and comfortable. This class will teach you the main bracelet pattern, along with one side of the clasp. You will be provided with easy to follow instructions to finish the rest at home. You are guaranteed to get lots of compliments when you wear this new bracelet!

Cobblestone Bracelet

Learn to weave these fantastic new SuperDuo beads into a charming easy to wear bracelet for all occasions. This bracelet pattern is repetitive, so it's perfect for the first time weaver!

Craw'n Along Bracelet

This bracelet is a great way to learn the Cubic Right Angle Weave stitch. With It's shimmering style and elegance, nobody would believe you just learned a difficult stitch. You will be prepared to enter an exciting world of CRAW designs.

Dandelion Bracelet

This lovely and delicate bracelet is constructed using Superduos, Seed Beads and Swarovski Pearls. You may not finish this bracelet during class but you will be given instructions on how to finish it at home. The instructions also include how to make a necklace and earrings as well! A Heather Collin Design and Pattern.

Double Croxxed Bracelet

This bead weaving project is a unique design of the Herringbone stitch which is incorporated within the pattern. This project is recommended for intermediate to advanced beaders who have some experience with bead weaving.

Designed and copyrighted by Elaine La Croix.

Double Delight

Combine your favorite shapes and colors of beads to make this beautiful cuff with a flat spiral technique. This cuff is versatile, very comfortable to wear and fun to make.

Figure 8 Bracelet

This is a great class to learn a fast but beautiful bracelet. You can use pearls or crystals to give it a look and feel that will work with any event.

Giuseppina's Treasure

I was inspired by Melon beads to come up with this bracelet. You will be making units that connect to one another and then embellish the sides. By slightly modifying this design you can make a matching necklace too!

Griege Earrings

Weave these elegant earrings in no time flat! If you like long earrings, or have an event, or just love big elegant earrings, these are for you. Using sparkly crystals, super duos, and seed beads you will soon have a pair of earrings to be proud of! The designer of this earring is Margherita Fusco.

Just Nuttier Bracelet

This substantial stainless steel bracelet will not only feel great on your arm, but will shimmer as the hex nuts catch the light. This bracelet is easy to learn and you will be the talk of your friends when you wear it! You can opt to make it narrower by using only 4 rows of nuts for a smaller, more delicate look.

Kaleidoscope Earrings

These colorful earrings are so much fun to make. The more colors you use the more they look like Kaleidoscopes. Gluing them onto a metal component gives the woven component some stability and compliments the beads. You may not finish the pair during the class time but you will leave with sufficient information to finish them at home. (C) by Frannie Bullard.

La Pluma Earrings

Fun beaded feather earrings accented with sparkly crystals (or not). Customize your own pair choosing your own colors and accents!

Lady of the Lake

This class will teach you some basic Bead Embroidery stitches plus a few more. It's designed so that you can get a real feel for Bead Embroidery and see if this is something you might love and want to try more.

We will not finish the bracelet in class, but you will have practiced all the stitches involved before you leave at the end of the day.

Little Stud Earrings

Learn how to encase a Rivoli with 11/0 Delicas and 15/0 Seed Beads. So much fun to make and these beauties are quick and easy!

Mandala Necklace and Strap

Come make a beaded Mandala necklace with the colors of your choice and a beautiful strap to match. Instructions are very clear for a very confident beginner, or an intermediate beader. As usual, the instructor will make sure you know all the aspects of the piece before you leave, as every beader works at their own pace.​

Mandalas are used as spiritual offerings of balance, unity, and harmony. The meanings of the mandala depends upon color, geometric elements and culture. Normally they are used on your spiritual journey.

Nonna's Treasure

This simple yet elegant bracelet reminds me of a piece of jewelry that I would find in my Nonna's (grandmother's) jewelry box. By using superduos, pearls and seed beads I was able to create a bracelet that has a 3 dimensional look. Original Design copyrighted by Frannie Bullard

Odd Count Peyote Cuff

Peyote stitch has been around for centuries and never goes out of style. It is known to be used by American Indians in their head dresses and clothing embellishments. Peyote is a great basic stitch to start out with if you want to get into bead weaving. It is very versatile and can be manipulated into making shapes and is used in bead sculpturing. We will create this cuff using size 6/0 or 8/0 seed beads or 3 mm cubes, 11/0 seed beads and a clasp of choice. The purple peyote cuff was made with 3mm cubes and I added 3 mm pearls to change it up a bit.

Oh Christmas Tree Ornament

Since Christmas arrives so quickly, let's make a little dent in our list of things to do in December by starting with a new ornament to adorn our Christmas tree. Using some bead weaving techniques and as assortment of beads you will be able to create this beautiful ornament. So come join me for a fun day of beading and socializing. This ornament is inspired by Crystal Gaye. For your convenience kits are available for purchase at the time of class.

Pearlescent Bracelet

This Super Duo bracelet is very comfortable to wear! It's fun and easy to make. The end result is a statement piece, which will make you proud of your accomplishment.

Playing it Cool

Nothing screams cool sophistication like a beautiful pendant made with crystals, Super Duos and seed beads. This pendant can be sweet and sexy or very subtle depending on what you are in the mood for.

Princess Charlotte Necklace

Enclose sparkly cup chain with beautiful seed beads making a fancy choker necklace that would be perfect for weddings, prom, or a day you need some sparkle in your outfit.

Right Angle Weave Bracelet

This relatively simple bracelet can go from simple to a statement piece depending on your bead, pearl or crystal choices. Create a symmetrical pattern using beads of the same color or mixing colors to create endless patterns. Pearl and crystal, all crystal, shine and matte etc.. your choices changes everything.

Ruffle Bracelet

This gorgeous bracelet is create rows of ruffles around your wrist. Using 3mm bicones at the edge of the ruffle adds a distinct sparkle effect at every move.

Russian Spiral Bracelet

Learn the easy and extremely versatile Russian Spiral. This stitch makes beautiful bracelets and necklaces. The spiral rope can be made as simple or as elegant as you choose depending on your bead choices. Come and explore the options of the Russian Spiral.

Scalloped Lace

My inspiration for this class was scalloped eyelet lace. Brought me back to my childhood of always having a cute eyelet lace blouse included in my wardrobe. The base of the bracelet is created using Silk Beads, which are two holed and square in shape. The borders of the bracelet were created using Super Duos, crystals and/or seed beads to assimilate a scalloped eyelet lace edging. You may not finish the bracelet in class but you will have enough information to finish it at home. My instructions will include how to make the matching earrings as well. Original design copyrighted by Francesca Bullard.

Sea Urchin Bracelet

Here is a beautiful way to embellish a peyote base bracelet. The way the daggers flow on the wrist is truly captivating. You can use just about any size dagger bead and stitch a picot edge if desired. A picot edge is recommended if your Fireline shows on the side of the peyote base.

Snowflake Earrings

Get into the Holiday spirit by wearing these sparkly snowflake earrings. You can also make one and wear it as a pendant as well. The snowflake is constructed using Superduos, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski tear drop or briolette and 15/0 seed beads. You should be able to complete one earring in class but will leave with enough information to complete the other at home.

Square Dancing Bracelet

Make this embellished right angle weave bracelet using your imagination with color and design.

St. Petersburg Stitch Earrings

Learn how to do St. Petersburg chain. A quick and easy stitch that can be used to make fun or fancy bracelets. It works with all types of beads, so the possibilities are endless. You'll wear this one home after this class!

SuperDuo Earrings

If you are a beginner, these are the earrings for you! The Duo Earrings are super cute and super fast to make. You can wear these earrings with anything! If you "bling" them up, you can wear them with a go-out dress! Have fun!! Designed by Elaine la Croix.

Swirls and Curls Peyote Bracelet

Play with color, texture and light. Take your peyote skills to a new level. Learn to increase and decrease peyote stitch to create ripples and curls in this magnificent cuff bracelet. We will study the relationships between colors, finishes and shapes to
create depth and movement. This is a true statement piece.

The "Nile Pendant

The “Nile” Pendant is a great bead embroidery project. With its many colors and beautiful technique you will feel like the Queen of the Nile when you wear it.

The Dagger Necklace

This is a stunning choker necklace made using a right angle technique mixing different shapes and types of beads. The design is incredibly flexible allowing you to come up with a really unique piece.

Tribal Beauty Bracelet

This is a gorgeous bracelet that glistens of Tribal Beauty. Perfect for a Bohemian look! You will use a "Brick" stitch to create this amazing bracelet. Please allow enough time before the class time to pick your bead colors. Sometimes this can be a lengthy process! You will want as much class time as possible! Your instructor will be there 30 minutes prior to class time to assist you. (Note: Printing out a picture of the bracelet might also help you in picking out colors.) You will have two hours to complete 2/3rds of the bracelet. We will provide you with enough instruction to feel confident in finishing your project at home)

Tribal Beauty Earrings

Turkish Crochet Bracelet

Bring your beading and crochet skills together to make this beautiful Turkish crochet bracelet. Its easier than you think.

Upper Crust Bracelet

The Pondo Stitch is a great alternative for making a cuff bracelet. It is composed by using different size Seed Beads. If you choose to embellish your bracelet with Peyote stitch you can use Seed Beads and Swarovski Crystals. A Heather Collin Design.

Victorian Summer

This SuperDuo bracelet is spectacular! It was inspired by jewelry and clothing from the Victorian era. It will be a beautiful addition to your jewelry box! As a bonus, you will learn the SuperDuo "button" for the attachment. It's a perfect match! Designed and copyrighted by Elaine La Croix.

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